Thursday, July 19, 2007

Test cases for Mobile Phone

Test Cases for Mobile Phone:

1)Chek whether Battery is inserted into mobile properly

2)Chek Switch on/Switchoff of the Mobile

3)Insert the sim into the phone n chek

4)Add one user with name and phone number in Address book

5)Chek the Incoming call

6)chek the outgoing call

7)send/receive messages for that mobile

8)Chek all the numbers/Characters on the phone working fine by clicking on them..

9)Remove the user from phone book n chek removed properly with name and phone number

10)Chek whether Network working fine..

11)If its GPRS enabled chek for the connectivity.


lovely said...

Thanks suman..i would like to thank you ..i got a assignment to write test cases on mobile phone and i got it from this blog...
this blog is really great..i find all the software testing material easily..
" please also write the test cases for calculator" .

nilesh said...
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nilesh said...

thanks brother...
it helps me alot-Nilesh jain,

Maulik Ozwala said...

Hey thanks suman...

Its really helpful

Maulik Ozwala said...

hey suman thanks for this

Maulik Ozwala said...

Test Cases For Calculator :

1. Check it without Battery.
2. Now check all numeric buttons are working or not.
3. Check for the max characters on the screen..
4. Check for the operational function buttons. (+,-,/,*,=)
5. Check whether all functions giving right result or not.
6. Check for the memory storing function (M+,MR)
7. Check functionality for Clear Entry(CE), Clear (C) buttons and also for the MC button.

taran said...

All these steps are nice but I think they all are test scenarios not test cases.

Neelu said...

Please provide some bugs for mobile phones

John said...

Thanks Suman.
This is really helpful. As i have project of Mobile Phone Book and i can submit my assignment by some changes in your case.

Unknown said...

can anyone give me testcases on sms app

Four Penna said...

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gharabidi trilochan said...

thanks yaar .

Thamarai Kannan said...

I am a beginner of mobile application testing ..please help me what can i learn

Riya said...

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